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What happens if one or more of the nominees is unable to stand for election?
The Board of Directors may reduce the number of directors or select a substitute nominee. In the latter case, if
you have completed and returned your proxy card, Mr. Probst, Mr. Jorgensen, and Mr. Bené, or any of them,
shall have the discretion to vote your shares for a substitute nominee. They cannot vote for more than eight
How many votes are required to approve each of the other proposals?
The Equity Plan and Purchase Plan amendments, the advisory vote on the compensation of the named executive
officers and the ratification of independent auditors must receive a "for" vote of a majority of the voting shares
present at the meeting in person or by proxy and voting for or against these proposals. As an advisory vote, the
proposal on the compensation of the named executive officers is non-binding. Although the vote is non-binding,
the Board of Directors and the Compensation Committee value the opinions of our stockholders, and will
consider the outcome of the vote, along with other relevant factors, in evaluating the compensation program for
our named executive officers.
How can I listen to the live audio webcast of the Annual Meeting?
You can listen to the live audio webcast of the Annual Meeting by going to the Investor Relations section of our
web site at An archived copy of the webcast will also be available on our website for one
year following the Annual Meeting. Please note that participation in the question and answer portion of the
Annual Meeting will be limited to those attending in person.
Where do I find the voting results of the meeting?
We will announce preliminary voting results at the meeting. We will also publish the final results on Form 8-K,
which we will file with the SEC within four business days after the Annual Meeting. Once filed, you can request
a copy of the Form 8-K by contacting our Investor Relations department at (650) 628-7352 or the SEC at
(800) SEC-0330 for the location of its nearest public reference room. You can also get a copy on the internet at or through the SEC's electronic data system called EDGAR at
Who will pay for this proxy solicitation?
We will bear the costs of soliciting proxies from our stockholders. These costs include preparing, assembling,
printing, mailing and distributing the notices, proxy statements, proxy cards and annual reports. If you choose to
access the proxy materials and/or vote over the internet, you are responsible for internet access charges you may
incur. If you choose to vote by telephone, you are responsible for telephone charges you may incur. In addition,
some of our officers, directors, employees and other agents may also solicit proxies personally, by telephone and
by electronic and regular mail, and we will pay these costs. EA will also reimburse brokerage houses and other
custodians for their reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for forwarding proxy and solicitation materials to the
beneficial owners of common stock.
Who can I call with any questions about my shares?
If you hold shares in "street name", you may contact your broker. If you are a stockholder of record, you may
call our transfer agent, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, at (800) 468-9716 (or (651) 450-4064 for international
callers) or visit their web site at