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the base salary, bonus target, total cash, long-term incentives and total compensation of each of our executive-
level positions against similar positions in our peer group. Each compensation element was evaluated against
peer group compensation at multiple percentile levels, including the 50
and the 75
percentiles. Where
sufficient market data for our peer group was not available, Compensia used data from a broader group of
similarly sized technology companies. Compensia provided the Committee with their findings in February 2012
to be used as a reference for making compensation decisions for fiscal 2013.
Determining NEOs' Fiscal 2013 Salaries, Target Bonuses, and Equity Grant Recommendations
In May and June 2012, the Committee reviewed and approved base salary, target cash bonus and equity award
recommendations for each of our NEOs for fiscal 2013 (other than the CEO). These decisions were made after
consideration of the following factors, where applicable:
The Company's compensation philosophy and principles discussed in this Compensation Discussion and
The financial, strategic and operational performance of the Company and the NEO's relevant business
unit (as applicable);
Each NEO's individual performance;
An internal comparison of each NEO's compensation;
Peer group market data provided by Compensia;
Current unvested equity holdings;
Realized value of compensation; and
The importance of each NEO's role with respect to the Company's long-term strategic initiatives.
Determining CEO's Fiscal 2013 Salary, Target Bonus, and Equity Grant Recommendations
For our former CEO, Mr. Riccitiello, the compensation-setting process differed from our other NEOs. The first
step in this process was a fiscal 2012 performance review, which was conducted by the Nominating and
Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, taking into consideration the Company's financial and
operational performance, as well as Mr. Riccitiello's individual performance. That review was provided to the
Committee, which then developed compensation recommendations for Mr. Riccitiello with the assistance of
Compensia. The compensation recommendations and performance review were then presented to the Board,
which subsequently approved Mr. Riccitiello's fiscal 2013 base salary, target cash bonus opportunity, and equity
award. In September 2012, the Committee, assisted by Compensia, developed a recommendation for a
supplemental performance-based equity award for Mr. Riccitiello. The recommendation was presented to the
Board of Directors, which then approved the award to be granted in October 2012.
Mr. Probst
On March 18, 2013, Mr. Probst was appointed as the Company's Executive Chairman in addition to his role as
Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Probst was previously employed by the Company from 1984 to
September 2008 and served as the Company's Chief Executive Officer from May 1991 until April 2007.
Base Salary and Bonus Target: Following his appointment as Executive Chairman in March of 2013, the Board
of Directors approved an annual base salary of $1,030,000 for Mr. Probst. This is consistent with the base salary
paid to Mr. Riccitiello, our former CEO. In addition, the Board reserved the option to award Mr. Probst a one-
time discretionary bonus, with the amount, if any, to be determined at the end of his term.
Mr. Gibeau
Mr. Gibeau currently serves as the President of EA Labels and is responsible for leading all of the Company's
development activities including product development, worldwide product management of packaged goods and
online offerings for EA SPORTS, EA Games, Maxis, PopCap and our All Play studios. Mr. Gibeau was
promoted into this role in August 2011.