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Relocation Assistance
We provide relocation benefits to our executive officers, including our NEOs, in order to induce job candidates to
accept job offers for certain open positions that are critical to the Company's business needs. These benefits may
include household goods and car shipment, travel, temporary housing, car rental, storage, miscellaneous
relocation allowance, home sale and purchase assistance, house-hunting trips, and tax protection to offset costs
incurred by our executive officers as a result of these relocations. Relocation benefits provided to NEOs are
reported in the "All Other Compensation" column of the "Fiscal 2013 Summary Compensation Table" below.
Post-Employment Arrangements
Change of Control Plan
Our executive officers, including our NEOs, are eligible to participate in the Electronic Arts Inc. Key Employee
Continuity Plan, which is a "double-trigger" change of control plan. We believe it is important to offer our
executive officers this type of severance benefit in order to attract executive talent by mitigating the harm that
they would suffer if their employment is terminated by the Company for reasons beyond their control in
conjunction with a change of control of the Company. This type of severance benefit also allows existing
executive officers to focus on the Company's business without being distracted by concerns about their job
security in the event of a change of control and acts as an additional incentive for our executive officers to
comply with their post-termination covenants. The Electronic Arts Inc. Key Employee Continuity Plan provides
for specified levels of cash severance, continued health benefits and accelerated vesting of certain outstanding
equity awards in the event of a qualifying termination of employment in connection with a change of control of
the Company, as described in more detail under "Potential Payments upon Termination or Change of Control"
The Board, based on a recommendation from the Committee, reviewed the Electronic Arts Inc. Key Continuity
Plan, as amended, in November 2012 and approved an extension of the term of the plan for an additional five
Severance Plan
We maintain an ERISA-regulated severance plan (the "Severance Plan") that applies to (1) all of our U.S.-based
employees whose jobs are terminated due to a reduction-in-force and (2) any other employee we select to
participate in the plan upon his or her termination of employment. Under the Severance Plan, eligible employees
may receive a cash severance payment equal to two weeks of pay with any additional payments to be determined
solely at our discretion. In addition, under the Severance Plan, we will pay the premiums for continued health
benefits, if such benefits are continued pursuant to COBRA, for a time period equal to the number of weeks of
cash severance paid.
Any severance arrangements with our executive officers, including our NEOs, whether paid pursuant to the
Severance Plan or otherwise, require the prior approval of the Committee. In the event of a change of control of
the Company, the cash severance payment payable under the Severance Plan may be reduced, in whole or in part,
by any amount paid under the Electronic Arts Inc. Key Employee Continuity Plan.
Stock Ownership Requirements
We maintain stock ownership requirements for all of our executive officers who are subject to Section 16 of the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These ownership requirements range from one to six times an
individual's annual base salary depending on his or her level within the Company. These requirements are phased
in on the basis of the executive officer's tenure.
The Committee monitors these stock ownership requirements to ensure they continue to align the interests of our
executive officers with those of our stockholders. As of March 31, 2013, each of our executive officers, including
each of our NEOs, had either met his or her then-applicable stock ownership requirement or had not yet reached
the date on which he or she is required to meet his or her ownership requirement.
We do not have a separate requirement that Section 16 officers hold shares of the Company's common stock for
a specific period of time after an option exercise or vesting of RSUs.