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Item 1:
We develop, market, publish and distribute game software content and services that can be played by consumers
on a variety of video game machines and electronic devices (which we call "platforms"), including:
Video game consoles, such as the Sony PLAYSTATION 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo WiiU,
Personal computers ("PCs")
Mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone and Google Android compatible phones,
Tablets and electronic readers, such as the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle, and
The Internet, including social networking sites such as Facebook.
Our Strategy
Our business continues to transform. Historically, we have derived most of our sales from disk-based video game
products that are sold through retailers (we call these "packaged goods" products). Now, however, the fastest
growing part of our business is delivering games directly to consumers through online and wireless networks. For
Players can access online-delivered content and services as add-ons to our console and PC games;
Consumers can download our PC games (and those of other publishers) directly through our Origin
online platform, as well as through third-party online download stores and services, including through
Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Marketplace;
We provide games for mobile devices and Internet-only games such as our free-to-play offerings that
are available only through online and wireless delivery; and
We offer large-scale, massively multi-player online games and game services on a free-to-play and
subscription basis.
At the same time, we have aggressively reduced the number of significant titles releases that we launch each
year. In fiscal year 2009, we published over 60 packaged goods products, each of which was primarily a stand-
alone game with few or no online features, and in each fiscal year since, we have launched fewer titles on
consoles, while building additional online features, content and services around each one of our titles. In fiscal
year 2013, we published 13 titles on video game consoles and PCs (each with additional online features, content
and/or services) and we offered more than 22 titles for mobile and Internet platforms to take advantage of the
growth opportunities on those platforms.