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younger and older players and more female players than video games played on console devices. We expect
sales of casual and mobile games for wireless and other emerging platforms to continue to be an important part
of our business.
Global Operations
We were initially incorporated in California in 1982. In September 1991, we were reincorporated under the laws
of Delaware. Our principal executive offices are located at 209 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City,
California 94065 and our telephone number is (650) 628-1500.
We operate development studios (which develop products and perform other related functions) in North America,
Europe, Asia and Australia. We also engage third parties to assist with the development of our games at their
own development and production studios. Internationally, we conduct business through our international
headquarters in Switzerland and have wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout the world, including offices in
Europe, Australia, Asia and Latin America.
Our North America net revenue, which was primarily generated in the United States, was $1,701 million in fiscal
year 2013, as compared to $1,991 million in fiscal year 2012 and $1,836 million in fiscal year 2011. International
net revenue (revenue derived from countries other than Canada and the United States) decreased by 3 percent to
$2,096 million, or 55 percent of total net revenue in fiscal year 2013, as compared to $2,152 million, or
52 percent of total net revenue in fiscal year 2012 and as compared to $1,753 million, or 49 percent of total net
revenue in fiscal year 2011. The amounts of net revenue and long-lived assets attributable to each of our
geographic regions for each of the last three fiscal years are set forth in Note 17 of the Notes to Consolidated
Financial Statements, included in Item 8 of this report.
In fiscal year 2013, revenue from sales of FIFA 13 represented approximately 17 percent of our total net revenue.
In fiscal year 2012, revenue from sales of FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3 represented approximately 13 percent and
11 percent, respectively of our total net revenue. In fiscal year 2011, revenue from sales of FIFA 11 represented
approximately 11 percent of our total net revenue.
For the fiscal years ended March 31, 2013, 2012 and 2011, research and development expenses were
$1,153 million, $1,180 million and $1,124 million, respectively.
Our Operating Structure
Our studios and development teams are organized around our Label structure. Each Label operates globally with
dedicated game development teams. These Labels are supported by our Global Publishing Organization that is
responsible for the distribution, sales, and marketing of our products, including strategic planning, operations,
and manufacturing functions.
EA Games
EA Games is home to the largest number of our studios and development teams, which together create an
expansive and diverse portfolio of games and related content and services marketed under the EA brand in
categories such as action-adventure, role playing, racing and first-person shooter games. The EA Games portfolio
consist primarily of wholly-owned intellectual properties and includes several established franchises such as
Battlefield, Dead Space, and Need for Speed. These titles are developed primarily at our DICE (Sweden),
Visceral (Redwood City) and Criterion (United Kingdom) studios. The EA Games portfolio also includes
properties published under the BioWare brand. BioWare develops role-playing games, such as the Mass Effect
and Dragon Age franchises, and the MMO role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare games are
developed primarily in Texas, Canada and California.
EA Games also contracts with external game developers to provide these developers with a variety of services
including development assistance, publishing, and distribution of their games.