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EA SPORTS develops a collection of sports-based video games and related content and services marketed under
the EA SPORTS brand. EA SPORTS games range from simulated sports titles with realistic graphics based on
real-world sports leagues, players, events and venues to more casual games with arcade-style gameplay and
graphics. We have historically released new iterations of many of our EA SPORTS titles annually in connection
with the commencement of a sports league's season or a major sporting event when appropriate. Our EA
SPORTS franchises include FIFA, Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.
EA SPORTS games are developed primarily in Canada and Florida.
Maxis focuses on creating compelling games and related content and services for a mass audience. Maxis
products include wholly-owned franchises such as The Sims and SimCity, and in fiscal 2013, we released titles in
both of these franchises. Maxis games are primarily developed in California, Utah and the United Kingdom.
PopCap develops easy-to-learn games that everyone can enjoy. PopCap games, including hits such as Bejeweled,
Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, and Bookworm, are characterized by their mass appeal, flexible monetization, and
fun and approachable gameplay. PopCap games are developed primarily in Washington.
All Play
Our All Play Label develops interactive games for play on mobile devices and Internet platforms. Mobile games
under the All Play Label are developed primarily at studios located in the United States, Canada, Romania,
Australia and India. The All Play Label also offers games under the Pogo brand. Through our Pogo online
service, we offer casual games such as card, puzzle and word games on, as well as on other
platforms. Pogo generates revenue through paid subscriptions, Internet-based advertising and sales of digital
content. In addition, we have a licensing agreement with Hasbro, which provides us with the exclusive rights to
create digital games for mobile and other platforms based on Hasbro's game intellectual properties, including
MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE (for United States and Canada), YAHTZEE (excluding the Nordic countries), and
GAME OF LIFE (excluding Japan). Hasbro games are developed within the All Play Label.
We compete with other video game companies for the leisure time and discretionary spending of consumers, as
well as with providers of different forms of entertainment, such as motion pictures, television, social networking,
online casual entertainment, and music. Our competitors vary in size from very small companies with limited
resources to very large, diversified corporations with global operations and greater financial resources than ours.
We also face competition from other video game companies and large media companies to obtain license
agreements for the right to use some of the intellectual property included in our products.
Competition in Games for Console Devices
We compete directly with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, each of which develop and publish software for their
respective console platforms. We also compete with numerous companies which, like us, develop and publish
video games that operate on these consoles and on PCs. These competitors include Activision Blizzard, Take-
Two Interactive, and Ubisoft. Diversified media companies such as Disney are also involved in software game
Competition in Games for Mobile Devices
The marketplace for mobile games is characterized by frequent product introductions, rapidly emerging new
mobile platforms, new technologies, and new mobile application storefronts. As the penetration of mobile