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Pre-Approval of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees and Services Policy
The Audit Committee's Policies and Procedures for the Engagement of the Principal Outside Auditing Firm
provides for pre-approval of all audit, audit-related, tax and other permissible non-audit services provided by our
principal independent registered public accounting firm on an annual basis and individual engagements as
needed. The policy also requires additional approval of any engagements that were previously approved but are
anticipated to exceed pre-approved fee levels. The policy permits the Audit Committee chairperson to
pre-approve principal independent registered public accounting firm services where the Company deems it
necessary or advisable that such services commence prior to the next regularly scheduled Audit Committee
meeting (provided that the Audit Committee chairperson must report to the full Audit Committee on any
pre-approval determinations).
The Audit Committee pre-approved all of the audit fees, audit-related fees, tax fees and other fees set forth
in the table.